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Looking for a reliable host with Tomcat/Jetty and MySQL

I have use pair.com for all of my hosting need for the last 10+ years and have rarely had any problems. But one of the bad things about Pair is the lack of Java support on the shared hosted side. They offer Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, etc on a dedicated server but that’s usually overkill (and overpriced) for some simple applications.

I have a little project that needs Tomcat or Jetty and MySQL and so am I looking for any help you can provide in finding a reliable host that has decent bandwidth, great uptime and Java/JSP support in a shared/virtual environment. Any suggestions? Please leave a comment or send me an email using the link on the right.

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  • Take a look at “linode.com” (http://www.linode.com). They use “User Mode Linux” to give you virtual hosting.
    You get root access to a virtual Linux OS of your choice, so you could install just about anything.

  • Take a look at Kattare. I’ve used them for over three years and they are great. They have always responded quickly to any problem I had and are extremely flexible

  • I’m anxious to know who you choose. I’m looking myself.

    One site I came across worth noting, EATJ.com. They have a nice FREE plan that might work for some basic stuff.


  • I highly recommend the linux Xen accounts offered by rimuhosting (http://www.rimuhosting.com). You get root access, you get tomcat + mysql + whatever else you ever want to install, and performance and support is great. I host my blog on it and various little apps to play around with, and uptime has been great too.

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