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BEA and Spring sitting in a tree…

After lunch, Mark Carges, the new CTO of BEA Systems, hosted the second general session. Mark started by talking about ‘Liquid assets’ and pitches the new Aqua line of products at BEA. He started off by talking about Java application frameworks. He claimed that Java application frameworks were the most important productivity-related innovation since the Java IDE. He then talked about frameworks in the realm of web/UI, business logic and database access and then came the big news – BEA will certify Beehive, Struts, Spring and JSF (coming soon) on top of WebLogic server. So customers of BEA that have purchased support can call BEA about issues with their Struts and Spring apps. The next part of this was a partnership with Interface21, Rod and Juergen’s company where BEA will offer support for Spring applications. BEA will also provide Eclipse plug-ins for some open source application frameworks. You’ll be able to deploy applications to WebLogic, Tomcat, and Geronimo seamlessly.

Next up was Adam Fitzgerald and Rod Johnson (Rod’s British? When did this happen? Aussie – My bad). Rod and Adam demoed JPetstore built using Spring and Beehive using Eclipse. The demo started with the application running on Tomcat and then Adam switched over and deployed the application over to WebLogic. When he flipped over the WebLogic 9.x console, there was an additional tab for Spring beans. The partnership will essentially enable JMX for POJO’s.

Mark then talked about the new realm of application opportunities opening up in the field of telecommunications with the carrier-grade WebLogic communication platform. At the center of this platform is BEA’s JRockit, the fastest JVM on the planet. BEA’s been working hard and optimizing GC (predictive) where they can run telecommunication applications. Part of this platform is the SIP servlet spec (JSR-116) and their implementation included in this WebLogic communication platform.

In conclusion, BEA is betting on the blending of open-source and commercial solutions. I know that is a true statement for the company I work for, and I’m guessing this is fairly common across the landscape. BEA’s accepting the fact that people may have their application deployed on Tomcat – they just want to ready when the app running on Tomcat needs transaction support (JTA), clustering or more scale. BEA hopes to provide solution that will allow a one-click migration from Tomcat or Geronimo to WebLogic.

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  • Micromethod Technologies (www.micromethod.com) is another vendor provides fully converged, JSR-116 compliant SIP Application Server as well toolkits for SIP based real-time collaboration.

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