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Detriot Pistons are NBA Champions

How Sweet It Is :) In a shocking turn of events, the underdogs Detroit Pistons shock the world and beat the LA Lakers to win the NBA championship in 5 games. I wish I had watched a few more Detroit games this season as they played a really exciting game. I am so glad that people like Karl Malone, Gary Payton and others that abandoned their teams to get a championship ring will have to try again next year.

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  • i love the detriot pistons they are my favorite basketball team

  • I think that Detriot Pistons is the best in the NBA. They need to get Hamilton, Billups, and B. Wallace to the basket more. I also think they need to be more confident going into the game. I hope you win Friday night.

  • I believe in Detriot and I believe that they will win tonights game. Hamilton needs to make sure that he gets as many open shots as he can and Detriot just needs to shut Lebron down.

  • Detriot needs to shut Shaq and Dwayne down.

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